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About the Bottles

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At NDA Packaging our bottle business is built on much more than 'have bottle will sell'.  

Our bottles and caps are all produced in the UK to the highest quality standards. Our tooling uses the best possible GB engineering craftsmanship identified from our years of experience in this field.

Closure options include our pioneering "hands-free" safety closure system with no moving parts and nothing to break off - ideal for primary school children, for driving or for 'on the go' sports use. See a video of the hands-free cap.

As packaging developers, our market approach has been based on a detailed understanding of the health, hydration and environmental benefits of our re-usable water bottles. These are issues which affect us all, issues over which we have consistently led.

From the outset we have emphasised:

  • Water's importance to good hydration, particularly in the school environment where it can aid levels of concentration and behaviour. Increasingly the adult workplace is recognising the importance, too.
  • Water's health benefits (sugar free) in helping counter obesity and its associated NHS and dental care cost.

We have actively encouraged the hygienic reuse of our bottles which are fully recyclable, highlighting how:

  • The UK single-use non-returnable retail bottled water sector has grown from 80 million litres in 1980 to nearly 3 billion litres presently!
  • Over 25% of our retail water bottles are currently imported filled from overseas.
  • Most retail bottles are used and disposed of instantly with serious implications for litter, energy waste and landfill.

How many more of us now regularly refill our water & sports bottles with domestic mains-fed water? 

  • UK tap water is among the cleanest and safest in Europe. Piped to your home or office with minimum carbon and zero road transport emissions.
  • Consider how the bottle refilling process can help contribute to national packaging waste, energy and carbon footprint reduction.

Our bottles will attractively carry your name or logo. But they also represent a valuable message on responsible packaging re-utilisation and of your environment's good health as well as your own.

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