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About the Bottles

The Hands-Free cap

We warmly recommend our valve 'hands free' closures for young and special needs children.

As adults we handle conventional pull push sports comfortably. For younger children however the button can sometimes be more difficult to manipulate, inadvertently left ‘open’ and of course handled with less than hygienic hands.

Our 'hands free' closures seek to resolve these problems. Bottles can be used easily and safely without need to touch the closure. A specially adapted valve ‘switches off’ the closure after use, avoiding water loss where still inverted.

Equally important there are no chewable parts to present a possible choking hazard in extreme circumstances.

We also highly recommend our bottles for

  • Elderly or infirm water consumers for whom hydration remains essential but manipulation of closures perhaps more difficult eg arthritis sufferers.
  • ‘On the go’ use. Cyclists, runners even car drivers for whom one hand is more convenient or safer than two.

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