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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose Schoolbottle?

Below are our most frequently asked questions. Take a look to see if your question has a heading. If not please don’t hesitate to call or e-mail us.

Can schools pay by invoice?

Yes. We are a long established school supplier, so accept school purchase orders payable by invoice.

Can I have different cap colours in my bottle order?

Yes. Many schools like to distinguish classes by cap colour.  For simplicity, online ordering allows for only one colour. After placing your order therefore simply e-mail or phone us with your cap colour breakdown. Easy.

Can I buy spare lids?

Yes 55p each + VAT, including delivery. We sell them in cartons of 100, in any colour combination. For any exception, please contact us.

Are the all caps styles the same price?

Yes, we offer all caps at the same price to make your ordering (and our lives!) so much easier.

Are the bottles BPA free?

Yes. We were the first in the industry to get our bottles tested and certified BPA free. They are also EN71 approved for safety with young children.

Can I get a free bottle visual?

Yes. Just e-mail your logo and we’ll create a free visual to help you decide. In fact for all orders we supply a visual for approval before we print.

If we have a printed bottle with our logo, can we also have a Name Strip?

Yes, in fact we will assume this is your requirement unless you choose otherwise and will include this in the visual we send you for approval.

Does my price include origination costs?

Yes. There is a £50 charge per colour origination charge, automatically included in your quotation. But you pay this only once. For re-orders of the same design, there is no origination charge because we have your artwork on file. See the quick re-ordering FAQ below

How do I quickly reorder without re-incurring the origination charge?

If you are repeating an order for a printed bottle design we have already supplied you, re-ordering is easy. We have all of your details on file, including your artwork, so you will not re-incur origination costs at £50 per colour.

Simply either:

1. Telephone us at 01792 863331 or e-mail us at with your order


2. Go directly to our re-orders page and reorder on-line Click here to ro-order

What type of pen can I use to write names on the bottles?

Any permanent marker pen.

Does my quoted price include delivery?

Yes, all prices include delivery costs within the UK. If yours is a non-UK delivery jest let us know your location and we will calculate and quote.

Is there minimum order quantity?

Yes. For printed bottles the requirement is 100. For Name bottles we deliver in cartons of 50.

Are the bottles and caps dishwasher safe?

Yes all our main bottles and caps are dishwasher safe. For speciality bottles we will inform you otherwise.

Are the bottles recyclable?

Yes. The bottles are fully recyclable. However we’d really encourage you to use them many, many times first. Reuse, reuse, reuse … and then recycle.

We hope this helps. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us directly on or ring Margaret on 01792 863331 or Mario on 07949124298.