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Printed Bottles

Build your own printed bottle

How to build your bottle?

  1. First, select your bottle size from the tab below to start 
  2. Click on each step to choose your colour, cap style and colour.
  3. Then you can attach your logo, choose how many print colours, decide how many bottles and place your order.

Feeling lost? Click on the help icon to get more information.

Please note:

With each first order for printed bottles, there will be a £50 (€63.50) per colour screen and origination charge which has been automatically added to the total price. This charge only applies to the first order for each new print design.

For personalised printed bottles send us your artwork in any format and our studio can prepare it for printing. Alternatively, our studio can copy your logo from your website and use it to prepare free visuals for your approval prior to printing. Please contact us on if unsure.

Please note: prices when calculated include UK delivery

Step 1. Select a Bottle Size

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Step 2. Select Bottle Colour

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We only supply the 300ml bottle in clear.

Step 3. Select Lid Style

{{ }} Recommended

Preview Hands-Free lid in action

Step 4. Select Lid Colour

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Out of Stock
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Step 5. Additional Options

Minimum order {{ userSelected.minOrder }}.

We print "Name Strips” on bottles with a logo, unless otherwise requested. If you want plain bottle with name strip, please use our Name Bottle Builder.

Click "Choose File" then locate your artwork on your computer and double-click on it. Image or icon will appear in the box below to indicate if you chose a correct file. When you add this product to your shopping cart, your artwork will be uploaded to our studio.

Our studio can reduce your logo to a single colour if needed to keep costs to a minimum. (There is no charge for this service). Minimum 1 colour per order.

Bottle Carriers

Bottle carriers are £6.55 (€7.47) each and hold 6 bottles. This price does not include bottles.

Sorry, bottle carriers are out of stock.

Total Price:
£{{ userSelected.totalPriceGBP.toFixed(2) }} + VAT
€{{ userSelected.totalPriceEUR.toFixed(2) }} + VAT
Discount applied
* for illustration purpose only

We can supply you with printed designs up to four colours from our family range of 300ml, 500ml and 750ml bottles.

Type in the quantity of bottles you require in the box below and if printed, the number of colours in your logo. Your total price including UK delivery and VAT will automatically recalculate.

To help meet all budgets we can help reduce multi-colour logos to one or two colours. Matching the print colour with the cap colour is a popular solution.

Just attach your logo, tell us what else you’d like included on the bottle and we ‘ll send a visual of how your bottle will look, free of charge.

Click on "Browse" then locate your artwork on your computer and double-click it. This will send your artwork to our studio. If your image is over 200kb please email it to instead of uploading it below.

Bottle Carrier Preview

New water bottle carrier/desk tidy. Suits all sizes, folds away for easy storage.

Name Strip Preview

Name Strip

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We aim to provide our customers with not just the best possible product, but the best service too. We understand the difference this can make to your decisions.

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